Sunday, April 15, 2007

The weekend and ASCV Fun Day

So Saturday was our first show out in awhile and since we didn't do any training and rocked up at the last minute without having fully groomed her and my anxiety was causing herds of butterflies to riot in my stomach, we predictably didn't do too well. You can see we were a little ugly above! 2nd of 2 in Minor Bitches, with Amanda's girlie Kinta (who was pretty and groomed and well behaved!) taking a deserved first! It's Kinta's last time in that class before she's old enough to enter the next one, so a good way to graduate eh?

Today we had another show, also at KCC. I was shocked at how many Aussie's turned up as I thought perhaps many might not have entered with the ASCV's funday being on! Turns out there was a nice entry! This was also Hope's first show out of the baby puppy classes as she's 7 months and 1 week old. Today we were the only Minor Bitch of breed, so we got that of course and had to go in with the big girls for Bitch lineup, which we didn't get. The judge looked foooreeevvveeeerr (okay, so it felt like longer than it was) at her head!

An extra treat was the ASCV's funday which we also went to, bringing Sierra along of course. Cade is a grumpy old fart so he stayed at home and away from (perish the thought) dozens of great hairy ox-dogs disturbing his sunbathing. There were probably 50 Aussie's there, from 10 week old fluff-balls to oldsters and lots of fun!

So what happens when that many Aussie's get together?????

They RUN!!!!

And RUN... (My two idjits on the far left)

And run...

And yup, you guessed it, they run some more! (The cream fuzzball is an "honorary Aussie for the day" Soft coated wheaten terrier.)

They finish this with a healthy dose of running. We also had games for the humans... one of which was the water relay. Three teams of 8 humans and their dogs, a bucket at the startline of water, a bitty little cup and a bucket some meters away.

Dopey Hopey and me. (Poor dog, I have GOT to get a better nickname for her! She's actually really clever! It's just that nothing rhymes with Hope!)

Now this was *supposed* to be a nice pic of the winning team! (US!) But look carefully at the person in the far right corner with the blue bucket...
We're all still fairly oblivious...

and note the water arching out of the bucket! ;-)

Another game was a doggy musical chairs where we had to walk and sit our dogs as quickly as possible. The slowest was eliminated each round till we hit the winner. Sierra and I came in 2nd in that! LOL

Meanwhile La, who was rather grumpy at having to sit in a pram much of the day at the shows and to prevent him from disappearing into the middle of nowhere, found his own fun with the abandoned water-bucket game buckets. (Yes, he did require a full change of clothing after. Mudball!)

I also reckon, that while it wasn't an official competition, we could have given out first places for puppy-wrangling and multiple dog leash weaving!

There was of course lunch, what we brought and what others shared. Naturally when the sausages hit the BBQ we had a few *very* attentive guests hoping for sharesies!

And what could be cuter than an Aussie baby? And Aussie baby playing with the big kids!

At the end, we tried to get all the dogs who hadn't gone home to line up. Naturally, a few of the dogs were far and away superior at this! ;-p (The gorgeous blue merle boy is Amanda's Leo if you didn't guess.)

And finally, this is MOST of the group that was still there at the time! A number of people had already packed up and left by the time we sat down to do this as it was getting late in the afternoon! That's at least 19 Aussie's in a row! My two are the end in the lower left corner, next to one of the little pups and Leo.

*yawn* Bedtime for me! I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! And wish us good luck because we're supposed to find out about if we got one of the rental places or not tomorrow!


aussienut said...

Awwww - so many cutesy aussies on one page :p!!! LOL - it was a great day. BTW - copy of the photo of the 3some pls??

I still think I should have brought Kinta and stuck her infront of the 'tailless' team as a diversion :P :P.

Love the piccie of BJ - OMG she and Kinta look soo alike!

aussienut said...

ahem - forgot to say - could Leo or Sisi look any more dopey ROTFL!