Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Request

Dear God (Goddess, Buddah, Great Spirit, Zeus, Allah, Krishna, Deva, and anyone else listening... I'm *very* open-minded at this point!)

Please find me THIS house but in a location suitably closer to Richmond where my husband works so that my husband won't have a heart attack and die if I asked him to consider moving here. I kind of need him since he good at opening jars I can't, squishes spiders so I don't have to go near them and is instrumental in making future cute babies for me to cuddle. Plus I have put 4 years of hard work into training him, so I'm reluctant to try and replace him.

If you would do this, I would be ever so grateful!

Yours truly,
Moi (You know who...)

PS As long as you're granting wild fantasies, I want a pony and sheep and that super cute bag I saw at the mall last year. Or the winning Tatt's ticket. (I don't mind sharing.)

1 comment:

Kristie said...

HAHAHAHA!! love it! :D