Saturday, April 28, 2007


YAY! I remembered my password! Anyhow, for anyone who missed it, I couldn't remember my blogger password and it was being a PITA so I started a new one to show off the new house. You can see it HERE which has pictures of *drumrolls* our new house! Now that I've got this one working, that'll probably be the only post to that blog or not depending on how lazy I'm feeling!

Other than that, not much to report since I posted that one. Mostly just bored to death at the moment and missing the dogs and my itty bitty kitty. I'm semi seriously contemplating clicker training my fish for lack of other animals. (Yes it's doable and no I'm not the first to do it.) I'm not the only one missing the animals though.

Yesterday La grabbed my coffee mug which has a picture of Aussie Shepherds on it and cuddled it close, pointing to the picture and asking "Sisi? Oppie?" (Sierra and Hopie) while refusing to give it back to me lest he break it. Poor kid, every time he sees a dog he checks to see if it's them. He's had a major explosion of new words and concepts lately, getting into absolutely everything and figuring out things I don't need him to be able to figure out. (IE keys inserted in locks open them...) He's also seen more television in the past week or so than in his whole life up till this point since it's about the only thing to do atm.

We've been trying to negotiate the people into leaving the house earlier than the pre-arranged 21 days (which means the middle of next month) but we've had little joy so far with their only offer being that if we'd pay them $7000 they'd move out immediately. Yeah, sure, let me just go shake down my money tree! Sounds tempting though...

But seriously... go see my house. It's cool. And sorry Sif, I know you're going to hate the fact it's in Pakenham Upper! ~_~' I'll just have to drive you out lots or help you harrass Dave into joining Nic at lessons!

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