Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bunny Lala's Easter

On easter the Bubbly Bunny Lala and his mum and dad went to the gardens. Bunny Lala's mum and dad told him they were going to hunt for Easter Eggs. "What's that," wondered Bunny Lala because he had only ever seen one easter before and it was when he was very tiny and only concerned with guzzling as much milk as possible and sleeping.

When they got to the garden, dad went ahead and mum walked Bunny Lala around. "Watch closely Bunny Lala, let's see if we can find some Easter Eggs! They could be hidden anywhere!" Bunny Lala ran ahead, just enjoying the grass and trees until he spotted something. "There's one! An Easter Egg!"

The first egg was easy to find! Sitting right there on a rock in the sunshine, all coloured like a rainbow! They were very different than the eggs Bunny Lala had eatten for breakfast and even very different than the ones he'd splattered from the carton in his mums fridge one day.

After putting the first Easter Egg into the basket, he looked around for others. He couldn't see any others, so he sat and thought where to go next. Where could those eggs be hidden???

After a moment he took off... hot on the trail of the eggs! A group of Japanese tourists came by and in unison whipped out their cameras, aimed and snapped photos squealing at the cute little easter bunny zipping around the garden. Everywhere he went, people smiled and giggled at him. The Bubbly Bunny Lala being a bit of a ham, played to his crowed, chattering and offering everyone easter eggs.

Before long though, he spotted another one! This one was perched high on top of a rock and it took a bit of climbing to get it!

But as with all eggs, into the basket it goes!

The next one was even easier!

With all these eggs, the basket was getting heavy. Suddenly Bunny Lala noticed there were no more eggs... when he looked, at the end of the trail after he'd picked up the very last egg was a BASKET! Not just any basket though, this one had a stuffed bunny and two books... one about a little girl and her dog and one about bunnies!

Bunny Lala loved the books and read them on the spot, chattering away about the fun he'd had finding all the Easter Eggs and then finding his basket!

(In less charming news, Bunny Lala's mum then went out to dinner with Bunny Lala's dad and Cousin Nina. Bunny Lala's dad spotted "an old family friend" and stopped to chat. Afterwards, Bunny Lala's mum found out that the nice gentleman and his wife were actually a French Count and Duchess. Bunny Lala's mum was unamused not to have been told this earlier because she was very tired, wearing no make-up, was quizzed about a state she didn't live in (which she didn't know the answer to!) and had a drip of ice-cream Bunny Lala had splattered on her shirt smeared. *sigh* It was perhaps not quite the impression she would have wished to have made!


aussienut said...

Wow - sounds as though Bunny Lala had quite an easter hunt! Thos pics are priceless!!!!!!

HAPPY Easter!

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