Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So full of emotions today! On one hand, my personal life is going pretty darn great despite this darn gastro stuff. On the other hand, I've heard several things which have had me absolutely bawling today.

The good stuff: I am absolutely enchanted with this puppy and my two older dogs and my cat and my child and my husband who is being fairly amazing... and just life in general.

Hope has been a busy little bee yesterday and today. Yesterday she had her vet check-up. She was 4.6 kilos, got a little training on the scales, being gently examined, ears, eyes, teeth, temperature etc. All aided by liberal amounts of treats.
We also finally got the spa repairman out so she got a gander at a dude in uniform with drills doing weird things to the spa. Bubs and Pup were side by side at the gate watching! Did some eyecontact/attention and sit training, about 50 reps all up, smart little cookie this one! But other than that just basic manners stuff... no mugging, sit for pats etc. She's madly playful, I'd forgot just how fun puppies are! She loves tuggy, tennis balls, trots about holding the retriever stick and even picks up metal keys when I toss them down. Wow! :-)

Last night was kind of yuck in that Lala and I still don't feel great. Went to freestyle though I probably shouldn't have as by the time we got home I was feeling really bad and by midnight sporting a fever and was muttering incoherantly, of which I have no memory.

I'm feeling better today but still shakey. Had several sessions with Hope for eye-contact/attention and sitting, along with the general manners, playing the recall game, name recognition etc. She's already offering the sit when I reach out to pet regularly AND sitting when I have something she wants like a treat or toy. Aw... what a clever little monkey! She'sgot the "mother may I?" game!

I think I've got a future tracking champion here too... she's got a NOSE on her this one! Cade is okay, Sierra is noseblind but this little tyke air scents, ground-trails and gives a nice vigorous "article indication".

Bubby Lala is just gorgeous, sweet and wonderful despite feeling a bit crook himself still. He actually fell asleep draped over me the other night and slept the whole night like that, totally unwrapped and sprawled. *G* Poor squidge, but it was so sweet yk? He's also loving the new puppy. He's figured out she's the same type as Sierra and is calling her "Sisi" which he doesn't call Cade or other dogs who get a more generic "dahg dahg!" So cute!

Now, bragging about puppies aside, Sierra has also been doing pretty well. Got a bit more challenging for me, as they want us to focus on the actual beat of the music and stepping to beats etc. :-/ Feeling a bit worried about that.

Also have a new challenge to add to our leg weaving which Sierra does nicely. Our instructor wants me to try "grape-vine". Huh? She wants me to what? Yeah, that was my reaction. Never heard of it. So she demos: it's like this except she does it in a little diamond and square looking pattern: IOW it's an actual DANCE STEP!!! EEP!!! I still can't do a ROCKBACK step and that's step singular, not a 4 part or 8 part step! *_* ' I'm sure I'll get over it and she's right about pushing myself but *eep!* This is looking like something I'm going to practice till I'm 80 and still make a pigs breakfast of. Told Nic how I felt and being very helpful he interjects, "Well why are you even doing this then?" Thanks a lot hon, great support. *rolls eyes* He did appologise, apparently he was trying to get me to see the flip side of the coin in his mind. Still Si's doing quite nicely and I'm over all pleased to bits with her.

So that brings the other hand to the fore. It's not anything to do with me really but after being off-line more or less for the past few days I found out that one of the ladies I "know" off of a discussion board, not even super well, but whom I'd kept up with on the pregnancy threads and enjoying the general cluckiness one gets around pregnant women throughout her pregnancy and birth. After welcoming this gorgeous little one and having some minor troubles, tests revealed problems which nothing could be done for. The family had made the heartbreaking decision to bring their little one home to die. As a mother, I can't even begin to imagine finding out news like this... I can't imagine going through your entire pregnancy with the same hopes and dreams anyone has, birthing your beautiful child, seeing them whole and before you and then finding out such heart-rending news. The mother in me absolutely rails against the sheer horror of it and wishing strength and peace this mother and her family will need in the days ahead. Between this and similar stories from a couple of other people I know lately, I've been bawling half the day and hugging my family closer. I am also reminded of other babies I've known more personally who passed before their lives began and cry for them as well. Wishing brightest blessings to Z and H and honoring the memories also of Jessalyn and Neroli and all the other small angels known and unknown.

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