Friday, November 17, 2006

Reading everyone's blogs I'm struck by how much a lot of people around me have this whole really deep, complex sublife going on. You know, how we all have the surface stuff and even the more serious stuff which we discuss day to day but behind the scenes, below the surface of our minds we're busy thinking about things are just somehow "more"... the big important life changing stuff. These are people I see and talk to on a pretty regular basis, know fairly well if not intimately and then you read something and just realize how many layers we all have..

I keep meaning to write something like those posts. Something deep and meaningful and thought provoking, something significant, something based on what you've gotten out of the day and drawn out of the experience of truly living life. Hm. Maybe that is just me feeling like my life needs more of those things and that's why I'm seeing them in others? I do believe every day honestly IS precious and should mean something, it shouldn't be wasted and allowed to slip by without notice, yet too often we do just that. We try to rush from where we are to where we're so sure we need to be to live life, both physically and metaphorically, that we ignore the fact that we're busy living it now.

Unfortunately it seems like every time I try to think of something, my mind is completely blank. I've been just sort of humming along, existing because I'm tired. Very drained, crappy memory thing going on that I suspect may actually be a low-grade infection? Not sure. But just very tired. Not discounting the effect of the excess of surface 'stuff' which is hogging up my time and energy. Most of it is of course, situations and crap of my own doing... or at least my own allowing and I probably need to reevaluate how much I'm willing to allow it to run away from me, before I call it to a screeching halt and readjust things to a better balance.

Anyhow, enough jabbering. PHOTOS, what all y'all REALLY come here for right! ;-) After picking up the new mantle piece for the bedroom (we're taking our original antique ones) we went to the park.

"That is one TALL tree mum!"

At the park, they were having a huge rally/music event of some sort and he was pretty fascinated with the music and cheering!

Random Sierra shot. Not the best I've ever taken but something about it I like.

Still trying to work out how to photograph black dogs well. Especially black dogs with plenty of white bits. *_* Seems like I'm constantly either getting too much or too little light reflecting off her coat or it's imbalanced with her surroundings. :-O Hard time defining her eyes as well! She has really pretty eyes honest! X-)


Anonymous said...

gawd she has grown already and the copper is getting richer!!!!! LOL


Sif said...

LOL, you're so funny, saying something deeper and thought provoking and then disgarding it like you didn't just say it, LOL...

You are definitely getting good at taking pics of your little black and white (and many other colours now) darling!...

Kristie said...

Hey.. can you email me your address? I have a photo of an aussie I took that I want to send. it's a little out of focus... but it's a cool pic :)

Cabrissi said...

Cool! :-) My e-mail is nic underscore amanda at aapt dot net dot au (Sorry trying to avoid spammers!)