Friday, November 10, 2006

Further gardening help...

Despite how innocent she looks, yes it WAS her who opened the bag and spread it all over the verendah! She was *quite* proud of herself too, wiggling and dancing around my feet when I spotted it, with little bits of dirt still clinging to her and full of glee! Cheeky girl!

Had a great day shopping for Bubby Lala gear.

Ms. Hope got to meet Helen the groomer whom we buy our Eagle Pack from and see a whole bunch of construction... jackhammers, pressure spayers and the works, replete with guys in work gear. Worked on the usual stuff, adding in our food routine. (All dogs must park their bums in their place, wait till bowls are filled and set down, eat AFTER being released and then park their bums after till I pick up the bowls again and release them.) She obviously doesn't do the whole thing but she is working on waiting to for her food in a sit and staying in her place for short periods of time.

Also looked at another house the other day, this time in Blackburn on Kerr St. Nice, big, roomy, very "family" feeling, good light and storage, I liked the trees. Needs some updating, outside needs a paint, shed needs replacing, a thorough cleaning, bedrooms were a bit small, I'd want to replace the kitchen and carpets but I did like something about it's feel. Not as much as the Box Hill South (Birdwood) or Belgrave ones though but the price is less than the Birdwood one at $510K Need to go out to Belgrave to follow up with the RE agents out there.

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Anonymous said...

I am so insanely jealous! Those houses rock! I can only dream of living somewhere so good and BIG!