Friday, November 03, 2006


Busy day today. Lots of stuff around the house done. Lots more to do still and handy-people who (gods willing) won't cost a fortune being hired to do them. Think good thoughts for me for tomorrow, as the Bunny Lala has been up-chucking milk all day long. He's not acting sick in the least... quite the contrary, he's all smiles and grins and big belly laughs and then thar-he-blows!

Tomorrow morning I am going to spend a whole glorious day basking in Aussie Shepherd gorgeousness in all their black, red and blue glory at the Vic Specialty and while I'm there I'm going to pick up and bring home my most gorgeous new puppy who will have driven down with her breeder from NSW! Good luck and safe travel to everyone attending!

*does a little happy dance at the thought of puppy cuddles*

Congrats to Nancy on the safe arrival of her Splash x Diva litter! After worrying Splash would be the end of his line, she now has six little pups to keep her busy.

And special thoughts to Beck, Oscar and family who are in the hospital tonight for a positive outcome with heaps and heaps of good wishes from Bunny Lala, myself and Nic! (They're extra wonderful cuz they're from us y'know! *G*)

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