Saturday, November 11, 2006

Puppy news: We all took a walk to Glenferrie today, stopping at the local plant nursery and going through the park. She got to see HEAPS of people, a fountain and waterfall, truck being unloaded, a motorcycle and a LOUD weed whip and practice a nice amount of loose lead walking. I clicked her a few times for being in the heel position, otherwise just rewarded for being in the LLW position... little miss smarty pants figured it out quite quickly! She is doing great at auto sitting when I stop too!

General news: Laurent has more teeth coming through again, which is an evil of indescribable proportions in our home. Clingy and whiney are understatements the likes of which have never happened in the history of mankind. And tantrums. Have I mentioned tantrums? Loooooottttsss of them. Bigguns. Over everything and nothing. Panadol? Bauers Teething stuff? Teething gel? Bupkiss. Cool things to gum on. Schyeah rightttt. It was still better than yesterday when there was about a 6 hour period during which he didn't go 5 minutes without screaming, wailing, flailing and just plain not being happy. I've had my fill for oh... the next 40 years or so... can I have my sweet bubba back now? You want to know the sick thing? Even when he's being like this and I'm ready to ship him express to Antarctica for a few minutes peace, I'm clucky for another bubba. X_X NO, I'm not nuts enough to do it while I've got a 1 year old and a 9 week old puppy, not to mention the two older dogs to suck up my time but I'm still clucky.

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