Friday, November 24, 2006

OMG the first showing of our house is tomorrow afternoon! I'm stuck between this weird zen place of feeling like it'll go how it'll go, so it's not worth stressing over and just going, "OMG, the first 2showing of our house is tomorrow and everything has got to be CLEAN!" (Hey in a house with a toddler, one puppy, two hooligan dogs and a crazy white spirit cat it's all out war to keep things sparkling clean! They're all demolition experts!)

We're moving the last (hopefully) of the boxes out tonight. I have to drive a BIG horse-float sized trailer here clunk-clunking over every pot-hole all the way. EEP!!!

The painters finished the dining room... and the handyman finished with the bedroom and such. Going to sweep up their dust and take pictures tomorrow! :-) It looks weird without our pretty antique fireplace inserts and mantles but the walls look nice.

Last but not least here is Bubby Bunny Lala in his new swimsuit I got for our trip to Toora and new wading pool! He's sooooo cuuttteeeeee.... *huggles my squidgey boy*

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Sif said...

OMG, Amanda, we got those exact same swimmers for Bryn, they're going to be swimmer twins! Best of luck with your viewing this afternoon!!!