Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Our "calling card" letter

Dear Ms Roxon

My name is Amanda Orbitani. I am a mother, a wife and an Australian-by-choice. I have two children, my first was born in a hospital, my second at home. The quality of care, the outcomes, my treatment and follow up could not have been more different. The birth of a child is a deep and profound experience, one we carry forever and which impacts upon the start of the relationship between not only mother and child but the family as a whole.

I am certain you are aware of the many reasons women feel strongly about homebirth, the importance of the right to choice not just as women’s rights but as a fundamental human right, the consequences of removing the ability to access quality medically trained professionals and that women will not cease to homebirth. I am certain you are aware of the many studies on it’s safety and benefits in terms of intervention rates and the unnecessary complications these can cause. I am certain you are aware of the midwives whose livelihood are at stake, who deserve the right to practice other medical professionals enjoy. I am certain you are aware of Australia's overburdened hospital systems, the importance of utilizing resources wisely and the financial benefits of not hospitalizing those who do not need to be hospitalized.

I am certain of these things because women like me have raised these points to you, as we will continue to because of the importance of what we bring before you. We are deeply grieved of the impact if the legislation goes through as it stands.

While I applaud the many positive outcomes that will come from this, I respectfully submit eliminating private practice midwives is the wrong choice for Australia. Please consider amending the legislation so that my future children can have the high quality start in life that my daughter had and my son deserved.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Amanda Orbitani, Laurent and Lily

Anyone who couldn't make it today should still consider writing up something similar and posting, e-mailing or faxing it to her saying that while you were unable to attend in person you fully support the rally and urge her to consider amending. If you want to e-mail of fax it, Nicola.Roxon.MP@aph.gov.au or you can fax it to 02 6273 4146. By post it would be to Nicola Roxon, 1 Thomas Holmes St. Maribyrnong Vic 3032


Lucy C said...
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Lucy C said...
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Lucy C said...

Dear Ms Roxon,

My name is Lucy C and I am hoping that you will have time to
consider my request regarding private midwifery indemnity insurance.

I have two children both born in a public hospital in Sydney with a
private obstetrician. A while ago there were some questions about
insuring private obstetricians and doubt about whether they would be
able to continue to deliver babies outside the public hospital system.
Thankfully that situation was resolved and Australian women are able to choose for a private obstetrician to care for them during pregnancy and delivery.

I sincerely hope that the women who choose to homebirth will have a
similar outcome. I do not believe that it is impossible to resolve
this situation and hope that the choice of delivering our babies at
home will not become impossible.

While I chose a hospital delivery for both my babies I have cousins
and many friends who have chosen homebirth. These women all had
specialised care from private midwives and would all choose to
homebirth again. I hope and pray that the choice of homebirth in
Australia will remain open to my friends and family and that should my
ten year old daughter choose to homebirth one day she will be able to
do so safely and with a trained midwife to assist and advise her.

Thankyou for your time and I again respectfully request that homebirth
continue to be available to all Australian women.


Lucy C with husband(born at home in Hong Kong), K(10yo) and S(9yo) born at Sydney's Royal Hospital for Women
in Randwick

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