Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I lufs my new car!

I got my beautiful new car today and to celebrate the freedom of having my own car (without having to either hike 9 km to the bus stop or get the kids up at 5:30 to drop Nic off at the train station in order to have our other car) we went to take a ride to a fibre and bunny demo. I was a bit naughty and bought this, 150g of Navaho Churro and Bunny tops... but really it's so divine can you blame me???

And this is a peek at the beautiful way the Hawthorne Cottage BFL/Corriedale is knitting up! The colours are more vibrant than the picture shows, they just glow!


Spiralmumma said...

Oh so excited for you you have your own car finally!! and the wool is indeed beeyootiful! What are you going to make with it?

Amanda O. said...

Me too!!! The wool, we'll have to see... depends on how it spins up as to what it wants to be.

The red stuff is hopefully going to be a shawl-collared jacket, pending I don't bodge it woefully up. LOL