Thursday, August 06, 2009

Another new lamb!

Early this morning "Star", one of my black Corriedale ewes had her sweet little girl who has been dubbed "Astra".

We knew Domino would be the daddy to Mocca-Chocca and Latte's lambs Macci, Cino and Verona because they were black and white. Moorit is recessive, so if Cadbury was their father they would also be moorit coloured. Since Star and Peekaboo didn't lamb at that time we figured it was likely they'd been bred by Cadbury after we bought them though. However little miss Astra is black with a big moon shaped white marking on her rump and a sprinkling of snowflake markings. Interesting!

Star is one of my favorites even though she is a cheeky piggy brat (okay, because she IS a cheeky piggy brat!) and her daughter looks to be as sweet as she is.

First little steps, still wobbly on our feet. Awww....

And a picture of the white marking. It's a little hard to see but the white saddle is uniform over the rump creating an almost perfect black moon. Gee there should be some lovely soft wool coming off these guys coming sheering time! :D

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