Sunday, September 21, 2008

This morning we were taking advantage of the weekend and laying in bed chatting before getting up, with Laurent having already got up and dashed off to grab a toy plane. He came rushing back in the room, clambered up to where Nic had his hand on my stomach 'talking to the baby' and ended up straight in the middle.

Nic: "Excuse me La, I was trying to talk to your brother or sister."
La: "SIS-TAH!"
Nic: "Oh? You want a sister?"
La: "Yep. A sister."
Nic: "You sure you wouldn't like a brother?"
La: "No, thanks!"

A few moments later we asked again and he was still insistant on wanting a sister.
Me: "What about the puppy babies La?"
La: "Oh yes! Puppy babies and a sister!"

Meanwhile I'm supposed to be taking it easy till Monday as I've had a second bout of bleeding. X_X Take it easy they say... what a joke! A million things to do and a not-quite-3-year old!

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Lucy C said...

I know of an older brother who, when his Mum brought twins home, insisted they keep the boy and take the girl back to the hospital.