Friday, September 05, 2008

Appologies for the sunglare - a certain short person whose name I'll leave to your imaginations rather mashed up my sun hood, the flash on my camera is pathetic and I'm the only idiot on the planet who can't photoshop it out. *g* The shots are far from perfect even aside from the sunglare but I like them anyhow. Sometimes it's the imperfect bits that make you smile. Besides, it's SUN! That's just been in such short supply I couldn't not celebrate it!
Youse my HERO... Cami is such a crack up with Veri
(Poor Veri, there were sheep, the geese/ducks on the dam and the neighbors cattle in the adjoining paddock. She kept trying to "casually" move toward them only to be recalled. LOL)
"Ohhh... so THAT'S what sheep are for!"
Note if you will that the blip of dog dashing after the sheep is a certain Rough Tough Little Powderpuff who previously thought cattle were all she was interested in. Two days ago she reassessed her opinion and has decided they are rather interesting after all...
"I'm a good girl mum... can you release me from this stay now?"
Miss Hopie... believe it or not she's neckid. Poor thing has moulted out all her coat, except that ruff!Unintended (Very) Close-up
"How I get in da cam-wah?" while peering into the lense
"Hello? Dorothy Dinosaur? You come to tea? Oh yes! Yummy tea. And Wags? Oh. *pause* And Captain Sorda-feather (pmsl!) and Jeff will he wake up please? Ahhhhhh oh-tay! See you then! Byeeeeee..."
Finally... one of those shots I take to remind myself sometimes life with children can be peaceful!

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