Saturday, September 27, 2008


Lucy C said...

Good to see you have him helping with chores around the place.
Does it have a drink holder for his sipper cup?

Amanda O. said...

Haha, he is a tractor nut... anything that goes vroom really! Although he is very good about sweeping, vacuming etc *g* Sippy is too big for the cupholder though. ;-p

Jade Lawton said...

Hi Amanda,

I saw your post about the death of 1000 chickens on a website when I searched it on google and saw you live not far from the accident. I am a journalist for the Pakenham Gazette and I can't find your phone number in the white pages but if you would like to talk about the road or the chickens please give me a call ASAP on 5945 0630.