Monday, September 08, 2008

After the computer started stuffing up I had to figure out why. Those of you who know me, take a moment to pick yourselves back up off the ground and stop laughing hysterically at the idea of me having to try and fix anything even remotely technologically related. From what I can tell I've got a lovely group of trojans the various programs can't seem to keep dead and deal with stupid Firefox having a leaky memory wanting to cause low virtual memory warnings. I'm sure there's other joys but those are the ugly ones atm anyhow.

To boot, pregnancy actually seems to be starting to feel like pregnancy with morning sickness giving a good nip this week. With Laurent it was awful and the only things I could stomach half the time were chinese sweet corn and chicken soup, mandarins and nectarines. This little one however apparently wants strawberries, yum cha (and not the cheap ones, this one wants the places where it takes weeks to get reservations thankyouverymuch...) and ice cream. Other than that just the usual amounts of tired, aching stuff typical of this stage.

Then, it was Miss Hopies birthday on the 8th. After thinking madam had just blown her coat because of the warmer weather since she wasn't giving any other signs she decided to go and make a liar out of me and come into season very conviently on her birthday!Happy (belated) birthday to her siblings Ditto, Harri, Rhythm, Luke, Gospel and Frank :) Hope I've got all those names right! LOL

This last one is from last years but since she looks like a neckid ragamuffin I'll wait till she's got some coat to take a big girl picture of her. She spent most of her b-day with me visiting shops in town, getting attention from people, especially one lady who wanted to sit and chat about dogs and training for over two hours with her little girl.


Sif said...

Happy belated birthday to Hope, she's grown up so much!!!

LOL, strawberries, yum cha and icecream, sounds good to me. Hopefully the symptoms will not develop into the severity the had last time.

I've had a lot of the same symptoms as with Bryn, but they haven't been as full on, so it can be better with subsequent pregnancies...

Lucy C said...

I feel your pain.
I vomitted for the whole 40 weeks, twice.
Two kids is enough for me.
Digby was bitten by a black snake yesterday.
Just put a post up.
He is doing fine, thankfully.

Amanda O. said...

She has grown so much - it's beyond weird to think that in a year or so my little girl could be a mum herself! O_O

So far this pregnancy, although I am tired/queasy on and off, is LIGHTYEARS better than La's!!! Fifty of these would still be a gentle breeze to his tsunami. ;-) Most of the time I have a weird sort of appreciation for the symtoms I do have as it makes it more 'real' - half the time it doesn't seem real because it doesn't suck horribly! LOL

OMG Lucy... poor Digby... I'm sooooo glad to hear he's okay! Will post more in your blog pending computer hold-outage!