Tuesday, September 23, 2008

All is well

Got in to the doctors and asked him for a ticket for hCG levels (won't come back till tomorrow night) and the sonographers to check if everything was where it should be.

He felt it was MC, didn't want to give the ultrasound for several days. So I rang the place and they agreed it wasn't necessary to wait but were booked for a week. Then she called back - a spot opened up tomorrow. Ten mins later called back and told me to get there in half an hour. Got there and apparently this is a perfectly healthy baby who just wants to add to my grey hairs! Perfect size, measures to the day, heartbeat normal, every measurement normal, moving about, even smacking it's lips and hiccuping. La (between pleading to be allowed to press the MANY buttons everywhere) looked at the screen and chirped, "Hi sistah!" in a moment of cuteness.

Crown of head on left, spine on bottom, nose, eyes, lips etc visible. Right side is tummy.

Almost whole body view, crown of head where the right + is, rump where the left + is, spine on bottom, nose/eyes/face upwards, part of legs and arms visible.


Spiralmumma said...

OMG! How scary! So glad to hear all is well..and awww what cuteness from La :)

Lucy C said...

Good news.
Hope you don't have any more scares like that.

aussienut said...

Great news! How scary though!