Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Well... to add to my ghost post... here's some interesting tidbits!

Last night we put La down in his cot after he fell asleep and around about the time he usually wakes before we go to bed, we heard an odd noise, sort of like a musical tone or warble sound and then the sound of Laurent waking. Both of us heard it and neither of us can figure out what it might be. We both agree it wasn't La and it wasn't anything on the television or anything outside as when I looked the ducks were sound asleep and if anything had come by the Runner Ducks would have alerted to it.

Then later last night Nic was sitting on the sofa in the livingroom and reading a book. All of the sudden his hair went on end, he heard what he described as a "murmur" that sounded feminine (he thought it was me but I was in my study on the complete other end of the house) the temperature suddenly felt freezing, a slight bit of fear and then was overcome with emotion and started crying. He says it wasn't happy or sad, just an overwhelming wave of emotion that came over him. He was pretty freaked out by it.

Then this afternoon, Laurent went down for a nap and slept a good while. Normally when he wakes up he cries for me and wants bibi. However, when Nic heard him stir this time, he waited for the wail of "muuuuummmmmmmmmmaaaaa!!!" and instead La was calm and started babbling as if he was having a conversation with someone. When Nic went in, La went suddenly silent and blinked at him as if a bit dazed.

So. Maybe our resident ghosts? Or maybe just our resident overactive imaginations? LOL But interesting either way! Up until now the only thing we'd experienced is the hearing sounds we thought were our neighbors talking nearby despite not being able to locate any signs of them and the occsaional sense of someone being there when no one was. (Not sinister, just like how you turn around when you sense someone enters a room if you know what I mean.)
Random Cute La Photo:

In love with putting on shoes, La has branched out to boots as well. Unfortunately we haven't found any like ours in his size yet so he's keen on his dads!

In other news, one of my runner hens was waddling about the pen at a good clip after her penmates and tripped on a sticking out root bit of the tree in their pen. That made her panic and she tried to run faster, hitching her foot on the root for a second. The result is that apparently she strained or sprained her foot.

She can walk on it with a limp but is favoring it, prefering to lay down often and making soft "ouch" sounds when she does put weight on it. I checked it and didn't see anything obvious so I simply penned them and kept them warm and quiet for a bit. It still seems the same a few days on, though she's otherwise well and still no swelling, reddness/loss of colour, abraison or cuts, any abornomal heat/coolness at the site and I can extend and gently manipulate without any fuss. She is able to give resistance and bear weight if she has to, balances fine if I gently rock her or move her off balance to test equilibrium and I can't feel anything that I shouldn't when I am touching the leg. Game plan at the moment since vets who specialize in ducks are as the saying goes "rare as hens teeth" (and probably twice as exxy) is to give her more rest and comfry poultices as I've had good results with that herb in the past.

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