Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ghosts (and chook photos!)

We had a visit from the previous owner today, who is a lovely guy, to help show us a few things around the place regarding the water tanks, electric fencing (for the livestock) etc.

The previous time we'd met him, he'd talked to me a little bit about the houses history and one of the things mentioned was that this place was a very tranquil one spiritually. He'd also said that he didn't mean just in the sense that the surroundings were tranquil but that the energy from all the happy families who'd lived here for all the many years still resided. After enquiring if I was a spiritual person, he also mentioned that a number of psychics had come to the house and commented on the spirits that were here. I had a bit of a hard time hearing him as he was speaking low, thinking that as Nic's surname is Italian he might be a strict Catholic and not inclined to want to hear such talk. However he'd mentioned something about a psychic and a lady in the garden. I wasn't sure if he'd meant that specific psychic was a lady and had been in the garden at the time she'ddone the reading or if he'd meant there was the spirit of a lady still haunting our garden. So when he came back today, we queried him about it further and he clarified.

Apparently, three different psychics have come in and all have commented on the same things very consistantly.

First that there are a *lot* of spirits who are still in this place and they're all lovely ones. They're all friendly and very warm and want to protect the place. They're quite active but peaceful, happy, warm, welcoming souls and we shouldn't worry if we hear or see them as there is absolutely no malice in them. It's their energy, their love for their happy lives here which makes the place feel so warm and welcoming. Two psychics said specifically it was the warmest, welcoming place they'd been.

There are three specific spirits that have been seen a number of times:
1.) There is the ghost of a lady who appears in the front gardens. (Remember, these gardens were planted in the very early 1900's and the family lived here since the 1800's, staying until the 1950's with much of teh garden not changing much since then.) Apparently she's been seen a number of occasions and simply likes walking around the gardens, enjoying doing what she presumably loved in life. My personal feeling is that this would be Katherine, the wife of the original owner of the property in the 1800's who was Scottish.

2.) There is the spirit of a little boy who runs to the bus stop in the early mornings. Apparently there used to be a short cut from the properties behind us through our front garden on the right side of the house to the bus stop. There is no bus stop there any more and hasn't been for years but he is sometimes seen in the early morning dashing along the lawn, disappearing where the bus stop would've been.

3.) There is the spirit of an old fashioned minister in his garb in the rear room, who sometimes also walks up the hall. The room was built as the husband was Catholic and the wife Anglican which just was Not Done in those days and neither could worship at the others place of worship. There was a piano in the room which was played for Sunday services and it was the area where the local services were held, so effectively it was the local church.

The other thing he said is that you quite often hear people talking and the sound of voices chatting amiably in a small group nearby you. This is most frequently around the area where our garage is, up the hall from the back room (where the people would presumably be leaving from Sunday services and where the minister walks) and in the side of the garden where the entry to that area of the house is.

The funny thing is both Nic and I have heard voices at various points but had always both assumed our neighbors must have been the ones making the noice despite never seeing anyone around when we went to look to say hi to them. (We still haven't met 2 of our neighbors so hearing them thought to introduce ourselves.) I haven't seen anything yet but I kind of want to and I really like the idea of our house being looked over by guardian spirits who loved it so much in life they never left. All in all pretty cool!

On a semi unrelated note, here's some recent photos of the place:

"Our" kookoobura. As anyone who reads knows, I love them and am happy to have our own personal one I see most mornings!

I've got the chooks run mostly finished! So they can go in it during the day but have to go in the hutch at night until I build one in the run. They are busy clucking, scratching and enjoying new greens and as many bugs as they can stuff in their crops!

Since they're obviously in such dire danger of starving though (with both what they hunt up and the feeder full of pellets) they also get a treat, which I've got them to the point of taking from my hands and allowing brief petting by me.

They're still not quite sure about La and I have to hold them and tell them it's okay. He's pretty gentle, touching her topknot and saying "fluffy chook chook, cluck cluck cluck".

And of course, La's favorite bit... tossing them food and watching them come running pell mell to get the choicest bits!

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Leah said...

Your home sounds absolutely awesome and you are lucky to live there! I am sure you'll continue to contribute to the good vibes in the place :) How lovely to live with such a rich history.