Tuesday, June 05, 2007

pics... what else?

The rear deck is rather high off the ground and La is having a think about going down the steps as actual steps instead of going down backwards and bum first. Just liked it as it captures his exploryness which is a major thing at the moment.

View from the back deck... my big white tree, cows and hills. I love this tree and the big pine near it, they have such lovely sense of presence and timelessness!

Probably my favorite, as even though it's not as nice technically, it's such a sweet moment and captures the essence of these two together... he's chattering to her and "stirring" the water he got her and she's just watching him with this beautiful tender watchfulness! *aww gush gush aww*

The ducks, having a nap but keeping an eye on what the weird two legger is doing. The ducks aren't named except for the aylesbury duck (one in the middle with the pink bill). She is dubbed Martha. As in Stewart. Because she's boss and fussy and a bit of a perfectionist! That leaves the two boy runners and two girl runners to name!

This. Is. Not. Posed. She just is that weird and he thought it was hilarious to rock her back and forth in it. (She's too much of a leadbum for him to move!)

Noir... proving despite some really good tips I still have reams of improvement to go in photographing all black critters! But I don't have any decent photos of him recently so I wanted to put one up to show what a little butterball he's turning into!

La, giggling madly after pulling his shirt off. I'm freezing so it makes me cringe to see him running around with goosebumps but apparently he LIKES it! Strange child!

He's helping me in the chook pen in this one. The wire that was there for the ducks is too big for the little bitty chooks so I'm putting mesh around the chookies run and netting over it to protect from hawks, kookooburas, crows etc. I took the pic because he was standing and chattering, pointing to all the different bits I was using and obviously having a think over how all of it was coming together to put the run together. Then I looked at the photo in the review and was felt like I got a little glimpse into the future as he looks more grown up in this than in most photos. *sniffle*

And the aforementioned chooks! I wanted to get a nice pic of them but it was HARD as the silkie (also unnamed) was stuck firmly into the feed and NOT coming up for air! The two sussex may end up Henny and Penny, Rose and Ella, Tilley and Milley etc. Tossing around ideas.

Another of the silkie more close up. I think she looks like a demented emu. (I mean that in the nicest possible way, I love silkies, they just look so goofy!) She's got a dirty beak here.

That's about it for me. Waiting for dinner to finish warming! Chicken and veggie soup ironically.

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aussienut said...

GREAT pics!! I love the one of La & Hope (both of them!) You must melt every time you see Hope - she looks so gorgeous (self confessed BT convert here!).

Oh and as for getting roof racks - yep, I thought of that, but don't know how i'd go getting them *up* there or down again ROFL!!!