Sunday, June 17, 2007

Shy chooks... not!

"Hey look, it's the two-legged vending machine again! I know you've got something in your pockets, you always do! C'mon, look at me being all cute... you know you wanna feed me!"

"Me too! I wanna treat too!" (Opps... didn't quite work, someones buff coloured feathered bum was in the way... poor Blossom goes plopping back to the grass.)

La gives some comfort for her unsuccessful attempt to jump in my lap.

Making sure she doesn't get left out, he "helps" her up! All aboard for the trip to Treatland by Bubba-Express!

Hetty the Hen is confused and thinks she's a parrot. (Actually, I think she thinks I'm holding out and have more goodies... this one is a greedy gut of a bird.)

La wants a turn too! Unfortunately just after this Hope the Wonderpuppy comes zooming by and all the chooks go running back to their house and La went running after Hope! *sigh*

I'm working on a serious post, honest I am, it's just slow in coming because I keep getting interrupted everytime I sit down to have a good, serious think! LOL

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