Friday, June 08, 2007

Well... crap.

Just got a call from Nic that as of 7:30 am this morning the company Nic works for had the contract with Smart Energy not renewed, which means his position has been made redundant and he's been let go along with everyone else in the department.

I'm not freaking out at the moment because I know he'll get another job but I am annoyed as the timing really sucks. We had literally a dozen things I'd planned to purchase this week that we needed which are having to be put on hold. The only thing I didn't was the washing machine which the movers broke when they had it. This also means that the entries for what I'd intended to be Hope's coming shows are pretty much nixed atm which stinks because I'd thought it bad enough not to be able to show until late July (entry cut offs meaning that'd be the soonest I could enter). Not to mention I'd been trying to save for a daytrip for his birthday which is about a month away. To boot, Cade is scheduled for his dental... to the tune of $630.00 next Wednesday.

I'm also rather annoyed as I'd had a feeling something like this might happen... not that there were flashing red neon signs but jus a few little things that had me telling him not to trust his bosses, to look for something more secure and to be aggressively pursuing a new job before this one bottomed up. The industry isn't what you'd call stable and secure work and the bosses bosses had been grumbling about numbers on and off for a fair while. I had a feeling with the end of financial year coming things weren't going to continue on to the point where this morning I'd been going to go send in Hope's entries along with membership dues for a few other clubs and thought, "Hm, I'd better wait because I don't want to get us because we might need it if something happens."

Sometimes I hate being right.

In less important news I need to get a picture of Hope all groomed up and in a show stack. Honestly I haven't done one in ages and keep promising I'm going to and then something comes up, the camera recharger broke, the person I go to in order to use their hydrobath/blower tells me that the bath isn't working, the groomer I get my tips from is overseas and I have a question for her and most recently the person who was going to take the photos for me (since Nic has previously been at work from sunup till after sundown and La and camera aren't mixy) wasn't able to come. Buh!

On a fun note, the Cardinia market is on tomorrow and I'm looking forward to going and may also go to a poultry show of all things! LOL Did you even KNOW they had such things?!?!?

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