Friday, August 25, 2006

Yesterday it was Cade's turn to go to the vet. Nothing big, he is on metacam for arthritis from an old hip injury and needs a test every so often to be sure he it's not having any side-effects. So I told Sierra to stay and there was much whining and general patheticness. Then she noticed I was taking Cade and it turned into disbelieving horror. "But... but... you can't mean to take him and leave ME!"

She stood on tippy toes leaning as far over the doorway as she could without actually stepping out. She was so put out! Cade gloated. Anyone who doesn't think dogs gloat should meet Cade. He pranced and danced and wiggled just in front of her. "Neener neener neeeeeeeeeee-NER!!! Mum's taking me and leaving yoo-oouuu!!!"

With Laurent in my arms, I opened the door and told Cade, "through". Suddenly I heard this indignant whine-whimper noise and apparently it was just all too much for Sierra to bear when she heard me say, "go through" because by she levitated down the hall - I swear not a toenail touched the wood - and exploded out the door.

"Sierra, go back." From a wiggling, joyous mass (oh happy day, I hadn't meant to leave her after all!) she froze. She didn't hear me right, surely!

"Sierra, go to your crate." The whole dog just wilted like a cartoon balloon that's been deflated as she trotted back, flomped into a down and heaved the most put upon whine in the history of dogdom. Poor Sie-sie...

Today was Sierra's turn to go to the vets and Cade's turn to stay. I cued Cade to go lay down in his crate and stay. Sierra froze. Oh my! "HUZZAH!!!! THAT MEANS SHE'S LEAVING AND SHE DIDN'T TELL *ME* TO LAY DOWN AND STAY SO THAT MEANS SHE'S TAKING MEEEEE!!!!" She jumped straight into the air and barked triumphantly! "YESSSS!!!" Poor dog had no clue she's going for a needle... not that she cares anyway, she wiggles in joy as the vet is inserting the needle and asks for more. My dogs are really weird!

Just had to share this shot... both dogs are using the nail file board to trim their nails and L is very interested in getting in on the action. Behold the general state of cuteness!

Training was pretty plain tonight, mostly jsut working on memory games. IE Do you remember ? How about ? And what about ? What about if I mix up the order? How about if I do it standing with my back to you? While waving my hands? While jiggling the cookie bag? LOL Yeah, I'm nuts but it kinda works for us.

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