Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sad news

A short while ago I got the bad news that one of the Sharpei puppies I'd helped whelp and care for was in renal failure at the tender age of four years old. She never fevered and there's no way to prove it till after death with a Congo Red Stain but amyloid is strongly suspected as everything else has been tested for and eliminated as a possible cause. Her name is "Me-Me" aka Chi-Kuan's U Talkin' Bout Me. This was absolutely devistating news to her family and to me... you never think when you watch those beautiful puppies born and see them grow into beautiful youngsters and lovely adults that something like this will happen. Unfortunately there is no DNA test for it at this point to determine which dogs are susceptible and no cure.

FSF and amyloidosis are related and inherited, though the mode is not clearly understood. With this in mind, Me-Me's owner/mom, who also owns her maternal aunt was in contact with the owner of Me-Me's sire. (Who is not her breeder btw, as he'd been sold after the litter was bred to a new owner.) Her sire is Sami, Epic's Am I Blue and his new owner was very distressed to report that he was also ill.

I just found out today that on the 29th of August, Sami passed away. A CRS has yet to be done but it will most likely confirm what we all suspect. I am so heartbroken thinking about this beautiful, vital boy being gone... it blows my mind. And it makes me face the fact that Me-Me will also go downhill and pass away much too soon as well. Sami was such a silly, goofy boy... always the class clown, he would never stop moving or wiggling or licking for two seconds in a row. He was such an unserious dog, who took a lot of joy in everything he did. When I think of him, I remember him sticking his muzzle in the waterbucket and then goosing me on the back of the knees, trying to keep him in something resembling a stack while he wanted to bounce and kiss the 'judge' at training, lazing in the sun with Ella and Action and just generally being a big goofy lug-a-bug. I really just can't believe he's GONE. My heart also breaks for his owner, who not only loved him as a beloved family member but had imported him from the US to Romania to show and eventually breed. My heart breaks for his puppies who carry genes which may well cause them to suffer the same fate and for their owners who can do nothing but take care of their lovelies as best one can if so.

I hate this damn disease.... I hate that it hurts so many dogs.... I hate that it hurt one of "mine"... I hate that some people hide problems and that the breeders and owners who are honest and forthcoming in their troubles worry about being lambasted. It's just so damn unfair!!!!! All of it!! Hug your furbabies a little closer tonight everyone... and look for the newest star in sirius tonight.

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