Friday, August 25, 2006

garden update

Okay, so a few days back I mentioned our gardening. Here's the photos to show what's been going on! It's not done in the photo but I'll say what we've done and explain what you're seeing. First you see the deck which was fixed/restained. To the right is the green fence of the spa area which has been weeded, had lilydale toppings put in and patio steppers with planted pots of lavender. Directly off the deck, lilies have been put in, standard roses transplanted in, the huge lavender was trimmed down to deck height and a matching one put in on the other side, the ferns and dietes were lifted and thinned, the hibiscus trimmed on the left (just out of the picture) trimmed and the suckers removed, the hydrangias just near that were tamed, the seaside daisys, dietes and lillies lifted and thinned. The path was edged, a lemon tree planted in the middle of the circle, lilydale toppings put on it. The bushes at the back rear corner and the elephants ears were trimmed, divided and otherwise tamed to hide the compost bin. Along the back, two dead trees were removed, a olive tree removed and I planted agapanthus, lilies, two small trees that are supposed to grow really fast and a bunch of bulbs. To give an idea of what it looked like before, it was one solid mass of grass, weeds, overgrown shrubs and vines. The HUGE pile of green waste you see in the middle of the photo, partially on the path is part of what we've pulled up. Greenwaste has taken 2 bins already, I have another one full and enough trimmings to fill at least 4 more and I'm NOT done!!! HOLY MOLEY!!! The pile is actually taller than I am by a head and about a meter and a half wide! We still have to deal with the bed in front of and along side the garage where our veggie garden was. It needs to be filled in and that's why you see the bluestones in front of the green waste pile. Those will be the edging (as they are around the rest of the yard) and we'll plant more of the white daisys. So it's coming together finally!!!
Now this is the new improved front garden! Not the best angle of it and not finished also but coming along! When we started there were massive leggy trees dying and overgrown everything, a patchy scrub lawn. The "beds" which were so overgrown you couldn't tell where they really were, were straight making it look very narrow. We took everything up, including the grass! We put down new grass in two connecting circles. Trimmed the roses, planted the iris, the hydrangia quercifolia, the chinesis, the mexican orange blossoms, snowdrops, limonium, artemsia powis castle, penstemon sour grapes, heliotrope lord roberts etc etc etc. The bricks, I've just started to lay out and haven't dug in yet which is why they are still crooked and above ground! The mulch is also new! This has been a LOT of work, especially since Laurent doesn't give me much time to do ANYTHING... so I am really proud of it! I will post better photos once everything is finished as these are pretty crappy shots and there is still a lot of work to do!!!

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Sif said...

Ooooh, your garden is looking fabulous!!! You have a spa??? Hey, when I have my next baby (pleeeeaaasseee!). can I come have it at your house??? Hahahaha!