Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Today is actually a big anniversary for us... the anniversary of Nic's mum's death. Both of us felt really off kilter today and spent the day just cuddling close. Kind of fitting, today was also a day we did a lot of work on the garden, which was also one of Nic's mum's very favorite places. Her dream was to open a big bed and breakfast with huge gardens for all her flowers but it never happened as her breast cancer came back and took her.

Our back garden has been a project and a half to get looking nice... our front garden as well! It's been slowly being worked on since late in my pregnancy. And while they're not completely finished by any means but there was MAJOR work done today! We're getting close!

I love our garden, it's a lot of different reasons I guess... it does feel like a tribute to Nic's mum as a lot of plants here are ones she loved or from her cuttings. Also it's lovely for us to just be able to work together as a family and enjoy the sunshine. And I'll admit, it's been a big deal for me because I never was able to have a garden before due to A.) renting, B.) the fact that Michigan isn't flower friendly as it's frozen half the year and C.) what the cold doesn't kill the deer eat. I'll take photos when we get it finished up but for now I think it's probably the best way we could have spent the day short of being able to spend it with his mum.

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