Sunday, June 06, 2010

So nice to be able to do stuff with my girlies again! :)

After a long stretch of not being able to get anything done actively, it's been so nice the past few weeks to be able to immerse myself in all things doggy!

For starters, Wednesday we got a phone call from K9 Agility Club saying they had a slot open up for class starting this Thursday if I was interested? I ended up deciding to take Sierra this time as Hope will have three things with herding, flyball and obedience which is quite a bit for her - so figured to spread the love. *G*

Saturday we had the Old English Sheepdog Club of Victoria's herding test day. I'd entered Hope in PT and little madam got two qualifying passes for her title. She also won a fuzzy sheepy statue that Lily is loving patting for most promising dog in test levels. This is the video from her second run:

It was absolutely pouring rain most of the time - by the time I got home I was drenched from standing around in the rain, having Hope "share" her wetness by shaking all over me AND having had the sheep do so. LOL

Today I managed to haul myself out of bed for another soggy day at obedience and flyball. Hope is having a lot of fun with flyball and it's a good chance to work on calm focus while waiting but still being able to turn it on at the running line. A lot of people I talk to are turned off of flyball because every time they've seen it the dogs were revved up out of their minds, screaming, barking and lunging on their leads with excitement the whole time. There seems to be the mistaken impression that in order to have a dog who is high drive, turned on, focused, excited and enthusiastic you have to reinforce crazy behaviour! While we have the occasional bark, for the most part the dogs at our club train and run quietly and either watch quietly on the sideline. Hope is happy to lounge on her back, half asleep, legs lazily akimbo in every direction while we wait. Take her to the line and ask her if she's ready though and she turns on instantly. Such a good little girlie!

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