Sunday, May 30, 2010

The little black dog is on a ROLL...

Miss Hope is continuing her streak of fun and games. :)

On Saturday she had a clinic so we could brush up before attempting PT next weekend and she did pretty good even if her handler is still quite confused.

Then today at training she was her usual lovely little self during obedience but the real "yay!" is flyball. Oh. My. Gosh.... SHE LOVES IT!!! And she's GOOD at it. Like really, really freakishly good. She has natural timing, she drives straight in and out, has no wasted motion. She's fabulous. To the point our instructor told me we must join the team and she reckons Hope should be not only competing in a very short while but will be ready to compete in the NATIONALS. If you heard a thunk, that would be the sound of my jaw dropping and hitting the floor.

Holey smokes, I knew the girl would be good but dang - ready for competitions and competing at the nationals in only a few months from having only ever been on the equipment 3 times now is just mind boggling!

Here's a very brief clip of madam having a warm-up:

Shortly after this we ran her with another dog to see how she'd go with having to enter and exit before and after another dog and then in a team of 4 dogs. She was running 3rd dog and was driving to get the ball over the hurdles JUST as the 2nd dog was crossing back so their shoulders were brushing by each other... without even noticing they were there or beign fussed by her teammates. Then with other dogs running in the lane next to ours and not being fussed. Everyone was totally gushing over how awesome she is and even though I knew she'd love it I'm still a bit bowled over they think she is SOOOOOO good she'll compete inside of a month and be at the nationals this year. Just blown away by her!

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