Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just a 'normal' day...

Last night I let the sheep up into the middle yard to munch the grass down a bit because it's been too wet to mow. Now the middle yard is the same yard where our veggie patch is, so I very cleverly ran a temporary fence as a barrier between it and where I wanted the sheep to be. With a nice big area of untouched, long, lush grass surely they'd be too full to worry overly much about what was behind the barrier right?

Needless to say this morning I was greeted by Cadbury and his son Verona, Boo, Star ("Hi mum, we've left some fertilizer behind for you!") and her daughter Astra contentedly and unrepentantly munching away on the capsicum plants. "Shoo you lot! Get out, look what you've done to my poor beds! Do you know how much work that is?!?" Cadbury lifted his head, still munching. Star sniffled the air a bit, trying to work out if I had a bucket of goodies on me. "MINT SAUCE!" I glowered at them, the effect totally spoiled by their looking utterly concerned. "Mah?"enquired Star. "Fine... fine... where's the BUCKET!" Five sets of pointy ears swiveled attentively in my direction and trotted back to the paddock.

I then came in to make myself tea and hear Hope slurping. Odd, she's not drinking from their bowl. I ponder this a bit... I can see the bowl from the stove and there's definitely no black dog near it. Where has she found water? Has La secreted a cup away somewhere? (Please oh please let it only be water and not one of his interesting "I'm a chef!" concoctions!) Has he poured a puddle to be the 'dam' for his toy farm animals? I look around and spot her... at the FISH TANK. Standing up and helping herself very daintily. "Um. EXCUSE ME. That water is for the FISH! Go drink out of your own bowl!" She hops down and wanders away looking at me like, "What?!? The cat does it all the time mum!"

The scarey thing? It's only 10am. The crazy hasn't even begun in full swing...

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