Monday, May 24, 2010


♪♫♪It's been a hard day's night, and I've been working like a dog♫ It's been a hard day's night, I should be sleeping like a log♫ But when I get home to you I find the things that you do ♫ Will make me feel alright♪♫♪

I love this pic of these two plotzed out after a long day of romping around with La, Si and Shaddy. LOVE IT. Hopie has been a busy bee the past few weeks...

First she got her HIC (herding instinct certificate) which we'd fully known she'd get as she was ready for years ago had she less of a slack mother! But it does mean we can enter the higher stuff, so she's now entered in the upcoming trial the OES Club is hosting and will hopefully get her PT title before too long which is quite exciting!

Then as the waiting list to get back into foundation Agility is taking it's time to come around to us we decided to give her a go on Flyball and she's proven a natural talent at Flyball and after just 3 goes our club is quite excited and fingers crossed she'll be on the team and competing!

In obedience,
she's been making swift progress. She is a quieter worker than Si (who is little miss exuberance) but joyful and steady, very responsive and quick to gain concepts. Our club runs various levels of beginners obedience at 10 and the more advanced stuff at 11, with flyball and agility going on during both. I'd been running Hope at 10 o'clock but just modifying the exercises to levels of criteria that suit her or using higher distance, duration, distractions etc. If I put her in 'pink' level at 11am, it'd mean running two dogs (Si and Hope) at once and between three to four different classes! (pink, yellow, agility, flyball)

Hope's instructor decided we can't hide where we are anymore (dagnamit!) and NEED to level up though. I am very proud of my little girl, given her mummy has only really been teaching her for a few weeks here and there. She is awful cleber!!!

The downside to that bit of news is that just after it was mentioned we needed to level up, while we were sitting and chatting about flyball and how we should start a freestyle class there and the topic of instructors came up again... well since I'll have the 10am slot open, maybe I should be instructing! My "I'm going to have a baby" excuse, which turned into the "but I've got a new baby" excuse is a bit tired given the baby in question is nearly 14 months old. Doh!

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