Monday, June 07, 2010

Foggy walk

We have lovely autumny-wintery cold weather here at the moment and in our area that means most mornings are rather misty. Usually by midmorning it's gone though. A few days ago however it stuck around all through the day and I snapped a few shots on our walk. The whole world looked soft, with beautiful light sluicing through the clouds in ribbons and making everything look like an impressionist painting. The scent was so clean, crisp and electric but everything was calm and quiet aside from the soft crunch of dirt and leaves under our feet. It felt like we were the only ones for miles around, walking between worlds.

These may be the last photos for a little while as my camera appears to have carked it. I took it with me to the herding trial and thought it was protected inside my purse but apparently not! *sobs hysterically*

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