Sunday, June 20, 2010


I had a lovely day today, as Sunday's usually are.

We left early for training, having to arrive early for set up as we'd borrowed one of the sets of Flyball jumps to practice with over the past fortnight. I had a nice chat with a couple different instructors before Hope had her obedience. She did lovely, as she always does.

Then Hope got to do some flyball and did excellent again - she was actually running heats on the competition team today! We got our form to sign up for competitions as well. As much as her runs, I'm also very happy with how nicely gives calm attention on the sidelines . For those not familiar, in a number of clubs the dogs are encouraged (or at least not particularly discouraged) from being in a state of extreme excitement. We all chatted about dogs, training, behaviour issues and with one of the instructors whose heart-dog has required a lot of work to get to the flyball team how deeply we love those dogs whom we've gone through so much with.

The club had a work bee after which I helped out with a bit before heading home. I spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling and playing with Lily and La. I did a bit of sketching. Had a laugh at bunnies flomping on fresh laundry. Chatted a bit. Had a nice dinner. Marveled over how perfectly adorable my offspring are and how I ever got so lucky as to have such lovely munchkins. (Yep, I am perfectly saccharine I know. Deal.) The gooey factor went up a notch watching them play with the girls. La is trying to get Hope to do flyball in the living room and Lily patted my little embroidered dog on my jacket and chirped, "aug!" before clicking! Naw, my little mini dog-nuts!

So all in all I had a really lovely day. Which is of course why I feel like crying like the quietly mad mess that I am, because I miss the dog who is not here. Gah, I am such a damn headcase!

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Sif said...

Well, if you couldn't appreciate how adorable your offspring were, then it might be really difficult for other people!!! Hoping to have a few such moments myself in the coming weeks!