Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words...

... and as anyone who knows me can testify, I've never been accused of brevity. The day was so warm and sunny I ended up wagging half of the things I needed to do around here to spend part of the afternoon just holding Lily and watching La and the girls play while occasionally snapping photos.

The other day one of the mums at the playground who does family day care asked me how we'd found the adjustment to having two and sibling rivalry. It's actually been so much smoother than I anticipated it would be - although really that could be said of her whole pregnancy, birth and the transition from having one child to two. He is such a little whirlwind and likes being the focus of everyones attention I rather thought he might have a hard time of it but so far he seems to have slid into the role almost seamlessly. He adores Lily and can be so tender and touching with her it's gorgeous to watch. He has a particular fascination with asking me to hold her so I can take a picture of him with her - this happens at least once a day, every day. He loves being able to help me with her - be it fetching a toy to show her, assisting with nappy-changes or directing me as to what she needs. (I am still not competent enough to understand her myself apparently.) She is his "Illie-pillie", his sweetheart. (Lilypillie being my nickname for her) I think he's actually been easier in many ways since she arrived and oddly parenting two feels easier than parenting one. It makes no sense but there you go.

My gorgeous little man

And my little Lily-pillie...

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