Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mothers Day

This is my mothers day card, from "my two biggest fans", Lala and Lily. The colours don't quite show up correctly as Lily's handprint is actually orange rather than red, while La's is green.
Other than that we mostly had a normal day.... between feeding miss Lilykins I cleaned the house (though by the time I'm writing this you'd be forgiven for doubting me on that), cleaned out the chook shed, turned over the compost heap, started prepping one of the garden beds which will be dismantled as we're enlarging the area significantly, took care of critters, gathered kindling, went shopping to the pet stock store for dog food, a quick peek in the nursery while Nic took La and popped into the market. (Or "sucre market" in La-speak, my favorite missaying at the moment as it is also French for 'sweet', so it's the sweet market.) I'd have liked to have gone to Kuranga again, as we did last mothers day but unfortunately there's just never enough hours in the day and with everything being a bit behind taking care of home took precedence.

On a happier note when we were checking the lamb over today, La wanted a cuddle so we snapped a few pictures. Sierra was my self appointed "helper", ensuring the lamb didn't wander while I tried to juggle camera and baby till she was asked to lay down also. LOL
Not entirely looking forward to tomorrow as I will be up far earlier than the mother of a 1 month old should have to be to drive Nic to work since I need the car to pick up my gander from the vets. Thankfully at least it has been determined to be nothing contagious to the rest of the birds - a metabolic problem - but feeling rather 'meh' about breeding overall the moment. One wonders if it's worth the heartache we put ourselves through when we loose them to accidents or illness or they don't turn out.

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