Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One of these days I'm going to have time to sit down to journal all the things I'm thinking about but as it is, time and a 1 month old limit the more in depth thoughts getting onto the proverbial paper. Still they are things I do want to get down - especially on things like Lily turning a month old and my thoughts on her birth and mothering at the moment. It's been so fantastic, all of it, I'm really still on a high from her birth and beyond clucky for more... more pregnancies, more labor, more bubbas!

In the meantime, today I went to a Gloria Lemay "Bringing Birth Back To Women" discussion and while I was there I received a phone call to let me know Latte, my other moorit ewe, had delivered twins - a little spotted ewe lamb (getting a drink in the photo) and a little ram lamb with a few white hairs. Not the best photo as it was dark by the time I got home but trust me they are very cute!


Sif said...

I really want to hear your thoughts on mothering and more babies! Cute lambs!

Amanda O. said...

I know... I just need time without a certain squidge baby in my arms! Or a voice typing program. LOL Long posts with one handed typing are not fun!