Thursday, May 14, 2009

Names and Noms

Lucy, from Blue Mountains Menagerie, came up with names for the twins - the little ram is Macchiato and the little ewe Cino. Mocca-Chocca's little ram lamb has a name from Florence whom my ducks Matilda and Magnolia came from. Black with a dollop of cream and possibly carrying chocolate - he's Vienna.

"Lucerne is nom! What else is nom?"

"How about buckets? Are buckets nom?"

"Are fingers nom???" (That's my finger he's trying to nurse, he's actually rather fond of trying this any time he sees me!)

"Hello Auntie Star!" (Mind you Star is FAR more interested in the lucerne, she is part piggie!)

"Gee, you're a funny looking sheep!"

Latte is still a bit skittish and wanting her space, so only one picture of them at a distance. I figure it's only fair to respect her instincts telling her to keep them apart from everyone for the moment.

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Lucy C said...

Vienna is hilarious. Nom, nom!