Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I'm playing catch-up with my pictures... Verity's birthday just passed and I've got to get her shots up - as well as a bunch of La and a bunch of other stuff. I've been very slack when it comes to jotting down the important stuff I want to have a record of - like for example, La's finally weaning from his beloved bibi a few months back. Remarkably easy really... not at all like I thought it would be and he's never looked back from it. Something to be said for the child-led/waiting for indications of them being ready theory of things. Two years and seven months was a nice little milestone for us.

All the funny little day-to-day stuff with the dogs and La, I keep meaning to sit and write but it seems we're just too busy living to really sit and compose my thoughts properly most days. Which is good because it means things are getting done but a bit sad because it's getting lost in the tumble of hours, days and weeks until many precious moments just melt into the general fabric of life.

Another "little" thing I should have mentioned ages ago - my visa finally (FINALLY!!!) came through. I am officially now a permanent resident and wow does that feel good to not have that shadow of worry (however unlikely it was) hanging over us!!!!

The one month anniversary of Cade's passing has already been and gone, simply doesn't seem possible really. I was set to write a long, rather rambly, emotional post of all the emotions on the anniversary and when I sat to type, it just flew from my fingers how to put thoughts into words that'd make sense.

On a happier note, the other minor, little, teensy, weensy detail I might have neglected to mention... a second rather long awaited little bubba should be arriving sometime in late March or early April. Very, very, very, very over the moon with this! ^_^

Pics snapped while waiting for the car mechanic to finish servicing the car - joys of living in a teeny-tiny town, you can walk the 2k from the mechanics house to the town to putter around for a few hours and instead spend the majority of the time just chatting to people on the way! LOL


Lucy C said...

Wonderful news about the baby.
I am very happy for you.
Looking forward to 'meeting' him or her in March.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations again Amanda! And I really LOVE that pic with the hose :D Clelx

Sif said...

Hehehehe, you know I'm very excited about your teensy weensy little bubba. Now I can have my Libra and you can have your Aries, and we can sit over coffee and console each other about how we don't know WHAT Murphy was thinking...

Amanda O. said...

Oh I KNOW what the bugger was thinking. He's thinking it was just hilllarriiiouuusss... PMSL!!! Now watch - to complete the circle, I'm going to end up with a girl because I want a boy. LOL Must meet up with you sometime soon, it's been ages!