Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not quite the day I planned...

The fence is in, except for the one end bit where the gate will be so, I'd intended to go to the Mountain District Poultry Show today but after feeling under the weather yesterday we ended up giving it a miss.

Instead we spent the day scouting around a plant centers with both child and puplet in tow. Miss Fuzzy Puppy manages to play Aussie Ambasadorwherever she goes and is well mannered in the garden shops and nurseries so is always welcome. The attention usually doubles when La insists on walking her - two little cute, wiggly toddlers off on an mission. LOL

We managed to locate a timber gate-house for the fence that we rather liked - very different style than my original plan which was much more formal but this should be quite suitable for training climbing roses up still. Since I was given cuttings for Squatters Dream, Crepuscule, Perle d’Or, Agnes, Rosa brunonii, a Rambling Rector seedling grown by the lady who kindly gave me the cuttings, Veilchenblau and Buff Beauty roses places to train climbers will be good!

Another place we found some lovely rocks for our retaining wall, which should arrive sometime in the next day or two.

Looked at several statuary places hoping to find a little greyhound sculpture to put in the reflection garden where we buried Cade and couldn't find one but did find something that really was very appropriate - a bronze statue about knee-height of a little cherub kneeling and touching a what looked like a camellia blossom. A tad pricey though, so will have to save up a bit.

Last visit was to one of my favorite nurseries, where I picked up some nice bare-rooted stock for loganberries and another variety of strawberry, another chorizema cordatum and some interesting variety of seeds by a company called Erica Vale which sells rare and unusual seeds - double white french marigolds (v. 'french vanilla', F1 gen) and bi-coloured lisanthus called 'rainy orange'. As I was exiting something caught my eye... the ceramic house number tiles I'd spotted months back on a house and wanted but been unable to locate in any store! Too much luck for one day! The numbers surrounded by paintings of bottlebrush and wattles.

Tomorrow we'll continue to lay the road base on the front path, screed it even, get a "whacker" to compact it (Aussies have such logical names for things...), lay the brick edging and whack that, put in the rock edging in the front beds and build the retaining wall.

Once that is finished, I'll turn up the veggie patch properly, bring in some of the cow manure and other goodies and get it underway for planting the next crop. I'm hoping to add a number of fruit trees and native bush food sources as well, so very eager to get going!

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