Wednesday, July 02, 2008

On one of the forums I frequent, a lovely soul named Inge had read my story about Cade and contacted another lovely soul she knows on DOL called Harminee Creations who makes memorial art for those who have lost their furkids. It was a total surprise to me, when I first saw it I just couldn't believe how perfect it was and words still fail me in that it's very much a reflection of him. Inge had asked me if I could believe that his story had touched someone who'd never met him. I have to say, I really can... it was just a very him thing. Having known and loved many dogs, he was one of a kind in his ability to touch people. (A trait he quite often shamelessly exploited for cuddles, being tucked into someones coat to avoid the wind (leaving them 'pregnant' with an IG head sticking out the neck of the jacket periodically) and gain sharesies in whatever they were eating.

Even knowing he was special though, I've been very humbled by the number of people writing or calling to talk about him... some 400+ people in 6 different countries who knew him at some point or 'knew him' online. It's a remarkable legacy for one little Pointy Red Dog. He was an amazing soul and I was very deeply privileged to be able to walk though his life with him.

I think in a lot of ways I'm still very much in shock as it doesn't seem really real at times. Of course, I'm also reminded with the wild and wooly mob I've got here still that dogs and children are creatures of the present moment.

It's not the lesson they were intending (actually a lesson was the last thing on any of their minds - they were busy romping and wrestling) but sitting and watching them, it occurred to me that if I am to do honor to his memory and the gifts a dog gives of being fully with you in whatever the moment you are both in, I will also remember to draw closer and truly be with those who are here with me, soak up the moments with them as well and truly appreciate every moment I get with them to the fullest.

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HipbubbyMama said...

What a lovely tribute to his memory that picture is :)Gosh 400+ people! He was a very special dog indeed :)