Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A visitor from this morning, for no particular reason that it was rather pretty.

Now a few days ago, Amanda had said in an e-mail that come Cup weekend she expects to wash her dogs on Friday evening and be able to show them Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I was rather astonished as MY dogs would need a bath a day at the very least. They seem to find mud anywhere - twice as quickly if I've bathed, blow-dryed and groomed them!

Most of the time I don't even try to contain them... they have fun, get as muddy as possible, dry out while napping and it all falls off in the mudroom. Good thing too, they'd probably be pinging off walls if I didn't let them run their excess energy and yayas off!

"Hey ma, that's a funny round pen but we'll give it a go!"
The ducks have figured out the easiest way to avoid being rounded up in the evenings is to launch themselves onto the dam. The dogs WILL launch in after them (especially Verity, who does a good impression of a Lab) but they swim much slower than they run and the ducks easily evade them!

Verity, having given up swimming after them for the time being, is now waiting for them to swim closer. The ducks, while not overly bright, are not overly stupid either and don't cooperate to no ones shock but Veri's.

And the rest of the time, ducks not even around, the dam is a favorite spot to hoon around, attempt to knock someone in and get as close to red-self coloured as possible for all three. Sierra is trying to grab Veri's ear which results in a big splash before the game begins again and someone else is the splashee.

Mud, muck and pond-scum. Yes, they smell delightful after!

Opps... drainage hose! Over we go...

...and don't forget the stump!

Verity, mid run, actually one of the nicer ones of her. I do appologize for the quality of the pics. They were truly horrible and most of them I kept to sketch rather than try to process because they were SO blurry, noisy and ick quality wise but the poses were pretty.

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aussienut said...

The pics are great! I love action shots ;)

Hmm... as for keeping my dogs clean - with Kinta I *have* to pretty much confine her OFF the grassed areas or she is bound to come back self-black LOL! Leo never seems to get really dirty, good 'working dog' that he is *g*.... Kinta's whites go 'yellow'... but hopefully i'll be able to 'survive' on touch up belly washes ROFL!

As for the shows - someone told me there were *heaps* of desexed shows that weekend - I checked VicDog and NOTHING!!! I'm sooo upset :-(