Friday, August 10, 2007

More La sentence blurbs

Yesterday we started saying "water" and applied it to "water in glass", water in raindrops (pointing to drops falling down), "water in the dam all full", "water in bucket" and "water in puddle".

He pulled me over to the door and asked me to, "put ona Hopie neckwace (collar... makes sense I guess), go OUTTIDE!" complete with emphatic pointing at the door.

Verity has also gotten her La-Name. She is "VEE!!!" I have no idea how he got that one really because he pronounces it like the letter, which is different than how I call her. (Veri, Veri-eri, Verity-erity or if she's being silly "Very-Airy Off With The Faries"!)

We've discovered the concept of "all gone" as well. After having a feed, he'll inform me "all gone", pat the side in question and return it to the bra! PMSL! Cheeky imp! Then, give a kiss and repeat, pointing to the empty one (in case I forgot), "Mum, 'at side gawn. All gawn. Other? Ta!" This has extended to other items he wants that he's finished or at least had enough I'm not going to give him any more but unlike bibi they don't magically fill up with a bit of time again. So we're sitting in the car waiting to pick Nic up from the train. "Mum? Bean?" (That's jellybean btw.) "No bubba, beans all gone." I hand him the empty bag to inspect. He holds it a moment, peers inside, closes it, waits and after a round of peek-a-boo opens it back up to inspect. The most disappointed little voice pipes up, "Ohhh.... 'TILL all gawn!" (Still all gone)

I've got shows again tomorrow and Sunday. I'm not planning to do anything other than have fun. I got a MASSIVE amount of undercoat off Hope the last few nights and she's spazzed out after the alpaca came from across the freaking pasture and stomped her again. This one has really decided me against having them I think! He's cute but not tame and is nasty to dogs. Normally I just lock him up before letting the dogs out but with all the damage the wind has done to the fences (after knocking over mature trees) the back is completely unusable for alpaca or sheep till we get it fixed. After the alpaca attack, at our class the other night she was just all over the place, not helped by my feeling tired and icky from a bad day. So I'm still going as these will be our last shows for a few weeks again but after that we'll probably just sit back and wait for her chest to arrive. I keep looking and fretting myself silly over when it's coming in and will give her some width and push her toes into position. Hard to be patient though, I like it when we're out there and she does well for me and our training comes together too much!

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