Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The magic counting elf child...

So the last month or so La has been 'counting'. At first it was "one, two" or "un, deux" which was pretty cute to hear numbers come out in that little squidgey toddler voice. More recently he added "three" and "four" to that list while requesting more jellybeans than the one that was on offer and he used them contextually enough that I wondered if maybe he didn't actually have a grasp on the concepts rather than just parroting the words.

This morning he was sitting in the carseat and chirped, "Mum, one tuck, two tuck!" Quick check and yes, he'd counted as two trucks had went past. He did it again on the drive home. "Mum ONE tuck!" Yup. Just the one. A moment later, he spotted another one and chriped, "More! One tuck!" A little while down the road he spotted two together and chirped, "Mum TWO tucks! One, two! TWO TUCKS!" It's likely he is thinking perhaps 1 is single, 2 is anything more than 1, with 3 or 4 simply meaning "lots!" as 22 months is young but it's interesting to hear him using it fairly contextually correctly!

I also snapped this shot today. I was *trying* to get a photo of him with our lovely rhodenderons. It's one of many but the only one blooming at the moment. Suffice to say he was NOT cooperating, hopping down from the chair as quickly as I could ploink him upon it, so I only managed to get one. I didn't notice at the time that the angle I caught him on makes his face look rather elvin, his ears rather pointy and his hair was blown up into a little pixie peak by the winds!

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