Thursday, August 16, 2007

Can I have a collective "Awwww...."

Yesterday, on the fourth anniversary of Nic's mum's passing away, our first lamb arrived. We'd both spent much of the day thinking about her and missing her, she died much too young... just 55 years old. Nic mostly spent time talking about how he wishes he could have one more conversation with her. Having known her less well and having less memories, I spent a lot of the day reflecting on how important our time together is because you never know what the future might hold or how long we might have. Not in the sense of living life to the fullest so much as that we spend so much time living for the future instead of for the now, planning for what we want to do and focusing on raising babies and dogs into the sort of adults they should become and missing out on just enjoying the lovely beings they are right now at this moment. At any rate, this fellow arrived and got me to thinking she was having a bit of a smile from the heavens in having our first lamb ever arrive on this day. The lamb in question is a BIG sturdy ram lamb... good grief, I'm surprised she was able to have such a boofy baby! He is cute as a button, as all lambs are and had some little black freckles around his nose and ears.

He's from the youngest of the sheep here, who is a first time mum and doing beautifully.

As La pointed out, "Sheep BIBI!" LOL (Bibi is his name for breastfeeding.)

He found the sheep fascinating, though the lamb was a little less certain about the whole event. Mum was unfussed with the attention and us borrowing the lamb for inspection. Will blog more later, I have a tantruming child who is going to kill what little remains of my hearing with his screaming.

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