Sunday, March 18, 2007

You would think, after shaving my hair off yesterday, that would be the biggest thing on my mind! It's not but we'll get to what the biggest thing is after since I know everyone is more curious about the hair-thing.

As I predicted, my hairdresser did flip a bit when I told her what she was doing ("No. I'm not doing it! What do you want to do this for?!?") but when she heard the cause she was beautiful and ended up not charging for it. Mary's the best!

I found out after that while La was watching he was sucking his hand looking like he was going to cry the whole time. I can't see without my glasses so when I saw after, he'd sucking so hard from the upset he left a big puffy red welt on his hand. He refused to look at me, ducking his head or putting his hands over his eyes, clinging to everyone and whimpering when I tried to pick him up and hiding his face in my shoulder for about 2 hours. Poor bubba. He's switching between okay and upset this morning so we went to Puffing Billy as a treat.

At any rate, here are the pics of Before


and AFTER...

After comforting him and carrying him around (w/ his face in my jacket the whole time) we took a bit of a shopping spree around the city. I got a 1GB SD card for my camera for $30, went to Lyncraft and got some funky fiber for "fur" to embroider La's scarf, Gamesworkshop for Nic really quick, Breadtop (red bean bun NUM!),t he Queen Vic Market, Clegs and Myer. We got some beautiful china from Myer, which I'd wanted since seeing 3 months ago... a 3 tier
stand, a cake stand, a snack plate and footed compote on sale for what would have been the original price of the 3 tier stand! While there we saw one of Nic's friends mum who is one of natures beautiful souls and found out his friends wife is pregnant! I'm sooo happy for them!

That is actually the biggest thing on my mind. Babies. I've been seriously horribly, terribly, awfully, completely baby mad and clucky as all get out for the past 2-3 weeks. It's started because there are all these lovely pregnant people around me and bumped up a few notches when I spent a few hours cuddling a young baby the other weekend. Two bubbas in my arms was just lovely! Now I am very nostaligic about pregnancy (this is how you KNOW I've lost it, as I spent most of La's pregnancy swearing after he was born I was going to spay myself with a rusty spork), having a bump, giving birth (as much as pregnancy sucked, birth was nice) and having a newborn. If I could, I'd be pregnant tomorrow. I logically do want to wait until La will be old enough to understand "just a minute" and at least developmentally starting to "get" the concept of empathy and others having different desires than his own in case the PG is another bad one and definitely for after when I'd have my hands full dealing with a new bubba but MAN... it's a bloody good thing I physically can't at the moment or temptation would probably win!

Other than that, I'm generally just feeling eager to get my farm together and have been very "up" in general over that. We've had a, hopefully minor, spanner thrown in the works. Since this house was sourced for us by our agent, the legal papers weren't pre-drawn up and wouldn't be till we put in a verbal offer and they accepted. This was done last week, offer was put in, bickered over, accepted verbally at $510 WITH the provision they were to put in electricity underground and pending inspections of Archicenter, pest inspection and termite inspection showing no major structural faults. I was -very- specific about both those terms because I didn't want it unclear and us getting trapped in a muddy contract when it was drawn up.

The next step was to draw up the "official" offer, the one in writing. We did that, using the EXACT same terms used in the verbal offer word for word. At any rate, we get a call back from our VERY brassed off real estate agent saying that one of the owners of the house (the widow, her daughter and the step-son all inherited equal shares when her husband passed) is claiming he didn't understand the offer was with them paying to put in the electricity. Our RE Agent spent the day telling them if they wanted us to pay it they were going to have to come down in price which they refused, so the best he's been able to get them to is if we split the cost, which is estimated at $7000 and over which I'm flipping BRASSED.

I'm halfway tempted to walk. I know that probably sounds extreme but as I've said all along: this house is nice, I could deal with it as a compromise but it's NOT what I was looking for. My view is that this isn't a place I'm looking to live for 5 years and move on. This is a place I'm planning on living till they haul me to granny lock-up, so I'm not interested in compromising my "must haves" and am better off waiting than spending . I'm better off waiting than putting up with something that wasn't right for the next 50+ years.

Nic doesn't like this and has been shitty with me (he says shitty about the situation but it gets directed at me...) and is rather sulky I've pointed out the facts. I've also made no bones that I've had reserves about it since 5 minutes after we pulled up, both about the money they want for it and the layout of the land being not child friendly and crap for agility.

I look at it as the other house needed no repairs, no replacments, no fencing, nothing but move in and relax at $500K and the layout was doable for the sheep and the agility. That was what I was looking for! This one OTOH, is $510 for a house I'm going to have to sink$50K into, is questionable about the sheep (size is okay but 1 out of only 2 pastures is bottom of the hill and may flood seasonally - a recipe for unusable pasture, mosquitos and hoof rot!) and doesn't have space for agility. Despite this, Nic liked it a lot and it was close to FTG Train station and it's nice enough I could deal with that because of how much he liked it but now they're trying to jerk us around for more money? WTF!

So when Nic told me what RE Dude told him, I told him I really didn't like it. It just gave me a really hinky feeling, I was very uncomfortable with where it seemed to be going. Then tonight I came back and told him again,"You know, the more I think about it, the more it really doesn't sit well with me. I really don't like this. I'm VERY uncomfortable with it, I've got a hinky gut feeling."

I have a lot of questions about how much money is being put into this and feel like $510 is already too much because we've got to FIX EVERYTHING. I also have a bad feeling that if the inspections show other damage (beyond what we know about) and we have to ask them to either come down in price or fix it, they're going to cause problems, be unreasonable and difficult to deal with.

At any rate there is nothing to do for it till Monday, so today we went to Puffing Billy and had a gorgeous ride. La is a big train nut so he looovvvvveeeddd it and charged about like a mad creature yelling "CHOOO CHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Mumma YOOK! Chooooooooooooo choooooooo!!!!" (Yook = Look) At Emerald there was a neat little market going on and I got a bunch of stuff again! First I got myself an awesome hand-spun, hand-knitted cap... so pretty and nice and warm! (Hey, my head gets COLD now!)
I also bought a hank of handspun wool from them - I think it's a blend of merino and silk? Pale white/cream. I want to dye it and make something for ME for a change (vs. 101 Scarfs For La) but trying to decide what colours! I also found an (can you BELIEVE IT?!?) Aussie Shepherd mug... out in the middle of Emerald no less! Colour me shocked!!! And three bars of handmade soap: 1 patchouli, ylang ylang and lavender, 1 patchouli, frankincense, cocoa and organic coffee and my fav... fresh goats milk and calendula petals. Looooooveeee goatsmilk soaps! So. Pics!

Lala and Daddy at Emerald station watching the trains be set up for the return ride

Cheeky Lala LOVING the fact he's on a real train, bopping up and down chanting "choo choo TAIN CHOO CHOO!!!"

More giggling, bouncing, bubbly Bubby Lala. (Stupid whimpy Panasonic flash though...)

Watching out the windows, looking at the engine as it curves around the track.

Nic has been coming to Puffing Billy since he was La's age so there is a lot of fond memories here and he's loving showing the experience to La. These two aren't the best photos I've ever taken, especially the second which is reeeealllllllyyyyy soft but I'm keeping them as "expression" pictures.

Yawn. Now I'm going to ploink my bum in front of the Smallville DVD we rented and vege.

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aussienut said...

WOW! Your hair looks GOOD!!! Love the pics too :). Bummer about the house - I hope something gets sorted out, but you are right, it does sound fishy, and I dunno, but maybe waiting for the house that you 'really' want may be worth it in the end?? But I certianly hear ya when you say it would be hard finding a place to rent! I hope it all works out :)