Friday, March 23, 2007

A pic of La... very typical of the ones I get of him recently: off and running! (And this is why I like natural light so much better... I suck at indoor photos!)

Way bleached out and the red value is funky but check that cheeky grin!

I have a bajillion and one things to do, here's the ones that need doing from now till Monday I'm hoping writing this out will give me the motivation to get it done because I've been very frusterated with how little I've gotten accomplished the past few days, inbetween child and dog underfoot un-cleaning behind me!

Oh! Also very excited to be trying to dye my yarn after reading heaps about how to do it with the supplies and yarn I have on hand, which are different than the ones usually talked about on how-to websites. So I have my vinegar, wiltons FC's, citric acid powder and am currently soaking the hank for another 1.5 days in a warm water/vinegar bath because silk (it's silk/merino) supposedly needs to really soak before it takes dyes well. I really wanted to use autumn leave colours and found a picture for inspiration of colours. Here's sort of what I want it to look like when I'm done! No idea if it actually WILL because supposedly reds are hard to do but we'll see! (ETA: Deleted for space since I finished!)

I also have about a dozen things I'm trying to save for that I need to look at and decide what's a priority. Nothing huge and amazing but the list goes:
  • the aforementioned T-touch seminar
  • a full basic agility equipment set up ($$$$ KACHING! *sigh*)
  • an iPod/MP3 player, a basic one probably 2nd hand (need to research to figure out what one I want)
  • classes - I want to start a spinning course, a photography course and an art course (lost-wax bronze sculpting actually)
  • a tattoo, a design based on a necklace of mine which I decided I wanted as a tattoo at 11 years old and really need to do instead of just talking about (cuz I'm a big whimp)
  • yoga classes - I miiiissssssss them and DVD's just aren't the same!
  • a family vacation for all of us somewhere within Australia - next years will be international, hopefully to France! :-)
  • a trip to the US for Clickerexpo and to visit some of the dogs I really like and am considering as eventual studs for Hope. (Pending health clearances etc etc etc and that's one to save for over the next year really but a goal so I wanted to put it here)
I won't even touch the umpteen books I want... the sum total of which is probably more than the national debt. LOL

Nic and I have also been talking about Bubba #2 and so far what we've hashed out is:
  • yes, we both want at least one more though I expect all up I'll probably have 3... #3 being much later in life though. I have had such a strong feeling our family is meant to be 2 boys and a girl.
  • we do want La to be able to understand "wait a minute" in case the pregnancy is difficult like last time and perhaps be going to kinder when the baby is a newborn so I can have that one-on-one time with the new baby... so this would be when he's 3 or so
  • My clucky-hormones don't like it but I do want to get at least started on my courses... I really don't care if it takes longer for me to finish everything but I want to at least get started and have spent more time working the dogs but I want to do it well before I'd have ever breeding Hope because I don't want to contend with a litter/doggy adolescence with a newborn.
Since dreaming is cheap however - we played the name game. Girls were pretty easy since we both want our picks from if Laurent had been a girl. I like mine better because Chloe is in the top 10 in both countries, whereas my pick is not freakishly uncommon but not overly common either. Boy names are more up for debate! Voilà ma toute nouvelle liste! Filles: Amélie Mirielle, Chloe Mirielle. Gars: Mathieu Thomas, Mathieu Élian, Mathieu Célian If you didn't catch it, Mathieu is actually my fav for a boy but what goes with it or in what order... eh. Who knows!

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