Monday, March 19, 2007

Clicker is the new word

Today Laurent rolls out of bed, nabs my i-Click from the floor (it was sticking half-out my jean pocket) holds it up under my nose just below my bleary eyes and pronounced, "Mum, clicker!"

I rolled over and uttered an intelligent, "hm?"


I rolled over, my brain trickles the information of the state of affairs slowly through until I jump up. La has my clicker. LA has my CLICKER. Baaddd things happen when La has my clicker. Namely he'll click it madly for minutes which sends the dogs into a state of fenzy that can only be surpassed by a mob of pirahnahs before he pries the clicker apart into small little pieces. I rolled up and out of bed, intending to grab something attractive to trade and it had to be something GOOD as the clicker, being something I so jealously guard from him, is also his holy grail.

As I roll up, I hear *click click click click* He grins at me. "Mum!" he chirps. "Yes La?" I reply, only half paying attention as I'm still looking at stuff in the room for something attractive to trade that isn't even more untoddlerproof than the clicker. "MUM GOO GUUL!!"

Complete with a piece of kibble from the pocket the clicker came from held up for me.

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aussienut said...

ROTFLMAO! What have you trained :P :P!!!!!