Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Most of my shots I'm not liking lately... I can and have done lots better than I've been turning out. I got this one today that I liked though... taken at our mother's group. The kids had all been playing with the sippy fountain and when the older kids ran off, L and B hung around to have a bit of fun. L is on the right, getting a sip of water, B is on the left. They're just so darn cute together! I need a better flash though, than the one that came with the camera as it's teeny-tiny and useless!

Unfortunately, the boy-o had quite a day and managed to gather a couple scratches and few bruises from tumbling, getting pushed (ah, what I have to look forward to in a few months...) and a spectacular discovery of why you don't run behind swings when he ran over to the back of an occupied swing wanting to push it (which he does with the empty ones at the playgrounds often) and I couldn't catch him in time to move him away. He caught the back of the seat in his face and was knocked down. Thankfully the swinger wasn't going as fast as she could so it wasn't too bad... ge wanted cuddles for a few minutes but no tears. Like me, La seems to be the sort to have to learn things the hard way poor mite!

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