Thursday, January 12, 2012

S'more bits and pieces

First puppy pictures... because there is just NOTHING cuter!  Okay so normally that'd be kind of insulting towards my children...and my other dogs... and cats... and rabbits and such.  I'm going with it because Ronan is very, very cute AND he's not dug his hay all over the box last night, muddy from wrestling outside (dogs), covered in lunch (LILY) or hanging upside down in the chair playing legos with his feet (that bit of weirdness would be La...) which makes him currently the cutest.  Sue me!

This morning I scared the bejeebers out of myself when I went to let the dogs out - bleary eyed from a late night of tummy troubles and pre-coffee, I cued them to sit in their pens and went to grab some treats out of the jar on the hutch for them.  Instead of just a few cookies, I came up with a bunch of spiderweb and an unamused funnelweb spider who'd decided to make herself at home.  Well... if nothing else, it certainly woke me up!

Taking a wild leap to the next topic with no logical transition... the Demonspawn was a funny nut last night.  She is rather OCD about the cats and movement.  I know, I know... Kelpie and Jack - that's a big fat lot of, "Well duh!"  At any rate one thing we've been working on is looking at the cats while giving calm/relaxed body language.  Nothing particularly ground breaking - it's pretty well known that getting relaxed body language can trigger relaxation. Breathing or rather exhaleing has been part of that.  So a nice relaxed exhale equals mark and reward. Exhale, mark and reward.  Lovely.  Possibly even productive.  Then she lets out this big HUFFFFFF when I was glancing away and missed the initial breath out.  (Bloody humans, can't train 'em to pay attention if their lives depend on it!  Pfth!)  I laughed.  About 0.00008 seconds later I realized my mistake (oh crap, I LAUGHED!  I LAUGHED at the manic dog who LOVES that kind of reaction! *mental whiney-stampy-dagnamit dance*) because my formerly 'relaxing and taking a deep breath' dog was gleefully running around on her tippy toes going HUFF, HUFF, HUFFFF!

Back to wishing my post box would magically contain the collars I've ordered for the dogs (two for Ronan and two for the girls and a name-tag for Ronan) and vaguely trying to get organized for the weekend in Wonthaggi as Hopie is having her first flyball comp after being ill!  Feel free to repress the trauma of seeing the unco wobbly thirty something doing a snoopy dance...

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