Saturday, January 21, 2012

Miss Not-Quite-Three

  • Loves fruit.  Apples, pears, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, mandarins and toast with either vegemite or peanut butter but NOT fruit spread thanks.  
  • Has discovered "chuppa chups".  (Shoot me now...)
  • Cheers for Daleks.
  • Is the only person in our family or group of friends to call La by his proper full name.
  • Loves her "dancy skirts" by which she means any skirt that swirls when she twirls.  Try putting pants on the child and she'll yank them right back off, hand them back and ask for "dancy skirt!"
  • Believes this look is best accessorized by 'tompin boots' -  that's stomping boots for those who don't speak two year old - which are her little faux bludstones. 
  • Is disturbingly interested in shoes.  Really, at not quite three the shoe department shouldn't win out over the toy department!
  • Dances a mean boogie-woogie and likes to sing in the car like her momma.  (Has her mumma's complete inability to carry a tune too sadly!)
  • Gives the absolute best huggies. Full arms around, patting your back, snuggled all the way in with her head either on your heart or in the crook of your neck.
  • Loves daddy - unless mummy is around, in which case poor daddy rates somewhere below roadkill.
  • Is Pip the kittens favorite person, despite all logic dictating that toddlers are most cats least favorite people she is the only one he will seek out, rub against and allow to carry him around.
  • Still cannot stand to have doors in the house open - doors are meant to be SHUT!
  • Is so going to be her mumma's junior handler - adores her doggies Sisi, 'opie, RIN!!!!, Kiahpuppy and 'wo-nin.

Funny words: shippy tuppy (sippy cup), 'abutty (peanut butter), 'amite (vegemite), shocks (socks), punnies (bunnies), rins (mandarins), toash (toast), bikkit (biscuit),

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bek said...

Also distressingly cute :)